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†††††††††††† Have you ever wondered why officers canít just kick down a door to catch a supposed ďbad guy?Ē What type of equipment does the SWAT Team use and why do they use it? How serious are crimes investigated and what exactly does the Forensics Unit do at major crime scene? You can find out answers to these questions and many more while attending the Virginia Beach Police Departmentís Citizensí Police Academy.


†††††††††††† Back in the mid 1990ís, the Virginia Beach Police Department saw the need to reach out to itsí citizens and educate them on police operations and at the same time, open the lines of communication and cooperation with the public. The Crime Prevention Steering Committee, led by the late Mrs. Phyllis Millette, did the research on the Citizenís Police Academy and the possibility of bringing this program to Virginia Beach. The Steering Committee sent their proposal to then Chief Charles Wall, who gave the go-ahead to plan for the first class. The first class began on February 12, 1996 and was

held at the Center for Effective Learning in Virginia Beach. Forty-one (41) citizens attended a 9 week long academy. Approximately 819 citizens have graduated from the Virginia Beach Citizenís Police Academy since 1996.


†††††††††††† Master Police Officer Jeff Eaton has been coordinating the Citizenís Police Academy Classes since 2002. Other past coordinators include; MPO Kevin Cartino (Ret), Mr. Bob Fall, Sgt. Sam Lewis (Ret), MPO Willie Behan (Ret), Ms. Dolores Downing (Ret), MPO Kelly (Morris) Davis and MPO Leta Krieger.


†††††††††††† The Academy provides an excellent opportunity† for citizens, who work and/or live in the City of Virginia Beach, to become familiar with the day-to-day operations of the police department. This will enable participants to gain a better understanding of the procedures, guidelines, responsibilities, demands, personnel, equipment, policies, and laws that guide the departmentís decisions. Citizens will hear the accounts and experiences of a wide variety of police personnel and will also engage in hands-on activities. This class is not intended to make citizens into police officers but to allow citizens to learn more about the police operations.


†††††††††††† The Academy is offered twice a year; once in the spring and again in the fall. There is no fee to attend the academy . A police ride-along opportunity will be offered during the session for observation of the officerís daily duties. A jail tour and Police Mounted Patrol Barn tour will also be included as field trips.


The 36th Citizensí Police Academy Class will begin on September 3, 2013, this class is currently full.

Our 37th class will begin February 2014.

To apply for the next class, please visit our on-line application: Citizensí Police Academy Application


For further information, call or email MPO Jeff Eaton at (757) 385-1066/


Youth Police Academy & Senior Citizensí Police Academy are also available.





 History of Law Enforcement

 Patrol Operations

 Special Investigations

†††††††††††† V.I.C.E.

†††††††††††† Narcotics

†††††††††††† Gangs

 City Jail Tour

 Deadly Force Encounter

 Crime Solvers

 Animal Control

 Volunteer Opportunities

 Crime Prevention

 Firearms Safety

 Basic Criminal Law

 School Resource Officer Program


 Public Information Office

 Recruitment, Selection & Training

 Forensics Service Unit

 Special Operations

†††††††††††† K-9 Demonstration

†††††††††††† DUI & SET Units

†††††††††††† SWAT Team

†††††††††††† Mounted Patrol

†††††††††††† Bomb Squad

 Professional Standards

 Criminal Investigations

ē† Ride-Along Program

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